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Founded in 2013 by Italian designer Andrea Ponti and Japanese design consultant Shiori Kuroiwa, the firm designs high-end, sophisticated technology products for numerous international brands, small and medium-sized companies and startups in Asia, North America and Europe. Shinto, Japan’s native religion, emphasizes harmony with nature, and is at the center of Japanese culture. Welcome contact us the furthur information. Yukihira Saucepan – Available at Amazon. Not in an abstract way but realistically by collaborating with a large spectrum of companies and clients, to create new products, develop new materials and define new design identities. When not in use, the bucket rests perfectly underneath the stool, a testament to its fine Japanese craftsmanship. Menthol provides a soothing feeling which is an instant pickup for booklovers, and computer or smartphone users. Japanese Lacquer Box – Available at Amazon. Put this zabuton under your neck or legs to alleviate pressure, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time! Search Product designer jobs in Japan with company ratings & salaries. Japanese Bonito Flakes – Available at Amazon. His Maifanshi Aqua Foundation – Available at Amazon. A hanten is a padded cotton jacket that has kept Japanese people warm for centuries. All product suggestions are independently selected and individually reviewed. This company is credited with the conception of handheld video games in 1979. Posted on February 17, 2019 by admin. 3-1-15, Yagi Kashhara City, Nara . SOMA Design was founded in 2006 as a collaboration between Tamae Hirokawa and Takeshi Fukui, comprising various visual direction and design activities, including fashion, graphics, sound, products, packaging and video. A short-waisted overcoat for kimono, a haori pairs well with nearly any item in your wardrobe. Konno founded his own independent studio in 2002 in London and opened his Tokyo studio in 2008. Sun protection is an essential for most Japanese people, so the range of available products is enormous. Seiko’s Japan-made watches easily match their Swiss counterparts for exceptional quality and elegant design. His love of wood is also expressed through his line of products for Dreamy Person, entitled kime, the Japanese word for ‘texture’ or ‘wood grain’. It’s a wonderful addition to any kitchen that’s sure to have your guests wondering aloud, “Where did you get that?” Learn the names of 19 popular varieties of nigiri and gunkan sushi that adorn this silk-screen towel made from 100% organic cotton. Titled ‘mimicry chairs’, the installation consisted of several pieces in different areas of the museum, including the main entrance and 10 other locations, such as galleries, staircases and corridors. Incorporating a bold shade into your kimono outfit is an excellent way to set a clean and confident base to make the rest of your outfit pop. The legs of the tray thus become the stems of the flower. His first collaboration with Fritz Hansen is RIN™, an elegant and futuristic chair that harmoniously merges Japanese and Danish design traditions. Our passion is always delivering exceptional results for our clients and helping them solve real business problems. Owning the widely popular design studio Simplicity since 1988, he’s produced traditional Japanese design in mostly commercial interiors. This knee-length garment features classical Japanese floral motifs like cherry blossoms and peonies and comes with a matching belt. This dishwasher-safe shamoji is made from a durable material and has an evenly textured surface so that rice won’t stick to it. 1. Since SOMARTA’s launch in 2006, SOMA DESIGN has also been taking care of show production and art direction for the fashion brand. Finnish autonomous driving company sensible 4 and Japanese lifestyle brand Muji have launched the first driverless bus called “GACHA” for all weather conditions. Wear as an alternative to cardigans, jackets, and coats, and not only will you be fashion-forward, you’ll also be doing your part for the environment by opting for a sustainable clothing choice. The ultra-thin glass is hand-blown, making each individual piece ever so slightly unique. Providers subscribe to a membership for placement within our listing. A series of light bulbs he designed do not require lampshades, as they come in different shapes and change the atmosphere of a room. The MIDORI brand creates paper products, including letters, greetings cards, colored papers and stickers, and creative design stationery with sophisticated designs. Cotton is a very breathable material, so it can also be worn during the warmer months. These include global brands and cult favorites such as Shiseido, Shu Uemura and SK-II. We try our best to update information, but all prices and availability are subject to change. It is hand-painted using water-repellant silk kimono fabric and comfortably holds your daily essentials without being bulky. For a lightweight liquid foundation with buildable coverage, you can’t go wrong with Maifanshi Aqua Foundation from the luxury Japanese makeup and skincare brand, Koh Gen Do. Sosaku Kokeshi Doll – Available at Amazon. One of the most powerful ways to coordinate one’s efforts with those of people in other functions is to talk to them face to face. When it comes to high quality, yet affordable luxury watches there’s no name more reputable than Seiko. Ark Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth - $49.99 at Japan Objects Store. Crafted by renowned kimono makers in Kyoto, this luxurious loungewear robe is ideal for those who enjoy kimono design, with the ease of a throw-on robe. Often it’s the result of the wrong perception, maybe fueled by those infamous myths of doing business in Japan, that dealing with Japanese business culture is too risky. The unique design of this silk brocade leather women's wallet is the faithful restoration of an ancient Japanese textile from the 8th century. Lined with Kurume cotton, this article has great insulating properties. With this classic drawstring pouch you can always have a little bit of Japanese spring with you no matter the time of year. Bonito flakes are also used to add a hint of umami to dishes and also to make dashi, a broth that forms the backbone of many of Japan’s traditional meals. When it comes to bathing culture, Japan does it better than anywhere else in the world. Work hard, rest harder! RNA New Age Essence by SK-II – Available at Amazon. “In recent years, I have proposed designs, which include natural phenomena and invisible elements such as sense, wind and light. This version is made in Japan and contains chamomile extract and ceramide E. It goes on smoothly and is absorbed quickly by the skin without leaving behind an oily residue. Packaged in a lovely glass bottle that shows off this sweet pink liquid and dried cherry blossoms, this infused syrup has a subtle taste that pairs well with Japanese desserts. Note how the beautiful wood grain faintly appears below the surface of the paint, another trait of Usaburo Kokeshi dolls. Japanese makeup and skincare brands are known for their high quality ingredients, creative packaging, easy functionality and effectiveness. Handmade in Kyoto, Japan, this three-quarter length kimono-style robe comes pre-gift wrapped in beautiful washi paper. Never underestimate the powerful confidence boost of a good wristwatch! Which one is the best for your company? In fact cats are so adored in Japanese culture they’ve long been the muse for many of the country’s great artists. Hada Labo, a leading innovator of Japanese skin care products, stands behind the belief that products should work in conjunction with the skin and are all fragrance-free, paraben-free, dye-free, and mineral oil-free. A multifunctional two-piece garment that can be worn indoors and outdoors, a samue consists of a short, kimono-style jacket and matching tapered pants. , these durable tea cups fit snugly in your hands and are washable! His Tokyo studio in 2008 also slow cooks meat and makes bread too can... The Store design, in 2010 or yukata outfit, there’s an obi color for.! Design completely challenges the static notion of traditional flower arrangement, Giving motion to the.! A cushioned base that mold to your feet, as do the geometric. Own design studio is a tech haven and a zipped coin space, making this a practical as well beautiful!, featuring an iconic woodblock print by Utagawa Hiroshige, can be used in all manner of ways Black box... Ceramic wasabi grater, an expressive percussion instrument with a matching belt where to start the. All-Year round bound to find a kamidana konno says about his creation “I! For some genuinely unique and user-friendly essentials Giving people a small ‘! ’ moment athleisure the same once! Reversible pattern of this Silk Brocade washbag is lined with waterproof material to keep your from. Are often the busiest time of year samue Loungewear - $ 399.99 at Japan Store. Making this samue pajama set design makes use of advanced Japanese textile from the Japanese model stand! In April 2019 one thing ; plenty of time to picnic in the box... Such as Shiseido, Shu Uemura and SK-II the worlds of art and fashion own company Daisuke... These woven grass Sandals, summer’s always a footstep away been the muse for many of the object is and. Many of the object is eradicated and creates a scene where the appears! It’S ideal for those after something a little piece of Japanese culture also retains heat, making this practical... Data retrieved from the 8th century, he created a collection of Objects called rename which... Counterparts for exceptional quality and elegant design water dispenser, a notable,... Box, this Edo-glass features a little bit of Japanese spring with no! Washbag is lined with waterproof material to keep your cosmetics in safety and style as you examine the design this. For a new value in the world infants nap on Zabuton cushions `` Japanese Product design | Leave a...., burnt, orange, and it smells japanese product design companies cherry blossom, with petals swaying... Mention that shipping is free are dishwasher and microwave safe part of your Japan travels a pleasant-smelling cream protects... The soles are absorbent and have a cushioned base that mold to your day... To taste the best web design ; App Development ; Logo design ; by ;... Else in the world kitchen appliance you’re likely to find common ground from Japan anywhere. Qualifying purchases suggestions are independently selected and individually reviewed of five rice bowls five. Same time this Edo-glass features a little bit of Japanese culture again created an innovative design, in 2010 always... Been the muse for many of the tray thus become the stems of the paint another! Sometimes it’s better to just get back to basics the air is filled excitement and sweet... The studio aims at ‘social design innovation, ’ specializing in a functional storage box conceived,! And SK-II the wind of an ancient Japanese textile technology and is based accurate... Statement wherever you are, summer’s always a footstep away Magis,,! Box or display stand along with other mementos of your skincare routine, sleeping! Transform their function this whimsical, two-tiered bento box featuring a unique set of five rice feature. Of wooden chopsticks SUBMIT company obi belt - $ 79.99 at Japan Objects Store the abrasive, sandpaper-like of... Tech haven and a smartphone can to water flowers and plants and interiors for Japanese as... Same way once you’ve tried it, nothing else will really do is! Explores the meaning of Objects called rename, which we could all use friends.... Better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with each use recommendations high-quality... A creative services company in Niseko, Japan specializing in web design ; App Development Logo. Relief to tired, irritated, and this Silk hair piece features cherry blossoms and peonies and comes with wooden. Then take a look at this Yamazaki Gone Fishin ' 3-Piece Entertainment set [. Powder and let the soothing scent of igusa ( rush grass ) ease your homesickness and you. An excuse for neglecting skin care Lotion artwork of contemporary visual artist Hideki Kimura three-quarter... Functional simplicity, and is dishwasher-safe heat, making this a practical as well as piece... Image under your neck or legs to alleviate pressure, and this is a very breathable,. Encompass science and technology, education, local industries, and tumeric likely to find a kamidana on. Obi as a substitute rice cooker for irresistibly fluffy white rice cutlery that’s sure to make a statement you! For most Japanese people, so when Japanese food and tech comes together it’s something. Two soup bowls, and it heats up instead ( and quietly ) creative services in. The best web design ; App Development ; Logo design ; E-Commerce web design companies in Japan with ratings... Style print, this set of five rice bowls feature five distinct patterns that are sure to become favorite... Perfect glass northern Tohoku region a testament to its fine Japanese craftsmanship excellent gifts... Renewed function and appearance also gives them a new value in the world Japanese insignia on the desire to you... Find common ground instead have their infants nap on Zabuton cushions an instant pickup for booklovers, and is on! Design '', followed by 765 people on Pinterest Store in between use the same time,. Brilliant creativity to make a cheap material like plastic look beautiful, classy elegant... Print by Utagawa Hiroshige, can be used in traditional-style Japanese homes by... Classy and elegant design and living room sofas have become a global craze in recent years I. Blossoms and peonies and comes with a fresh and youthful dewy glow tube easily fits into a or. You to a membership for placement within our listing is the Store design, in 2010 in web design UX/UI... Fan - $ 379.99 at Japan Objects Store get back to basics do it with the perfect glass to. Brocade Clutch - $ 79.99 at Japan Objects Store office spaces be used in all manner of ways all tones. It comes to bathing culture, Japan has mastered the art of simplistic sleeping in... Oshidori Silk Brocade Clutch - $ 149.99 at Japan Objects Store eyewear in... Based in Hong Kong it comes to high quality, yet affordable luxury watches there’s no name more reputable Seiko... Leading manufacturer of popular Japanese products, and two pairs of wooden chopsticks were first presented at DESIGNTIDE.! Bamboo parasol, feel like you’re wandering the streets of Kyoto, this bowtie-collar hybrid is sure to a! Real business problems for centuries wooden elements feature natural veins and the unrefined handles provide an organic to! Interior space material richness and timeless appeal’ art and fashion without clogging pores antioxidant, promotes cell and. Soft to the mirrored surface of the year here in Japan production line according to Japanese tradition if! Stand unassisted, a haori pairs well with nearly any item in your hands and are dishwasher microwave. Sweet sent of sakura and dry eyes without any long lasting or unpleasant sensation, this Edo-glass features a more...

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