large meaning in english

Of a very large size relative to similar items of the same type. How to use massive in a sentence. adjective. Synonym Discussion of huge. Definition of Lage in the dictionary. Large definition, of more than average size, quantity, degree, etc. How to use huge in a sentence. largely definition: 1. almost completely: 2. almost completely: 3. to a great degree, or generally: . How to use large in a sentence. Adj. See more. Meaning of extra large in English: extra large. Learn more. Learn more. at large definition: 1. generally: 2. generally: 3. generally: . He owes me five large . Meaning of Lage. ; exceeding that which is common to a kind or class; big; great: a large house; a large number; in large measure; to a large extent. Learn more. too large synonyms, too large pronunciation, too large translation, English dictionary definition of too large. Large definition is - exceeding most other things of like kind especially in quantity or size : big. If…. Massive definition is - forming or consisting of a large mass:. large: [noun] one thousand dollars. writ large meaning: 1. See synonyms for extra large. See more words with the same meaning: money . If one thing is another thing writ large, it is similar to it but larger or more obvious: 2. Huge definition is - very large or extensive: such as. At large definition: You use at large to indicate that you are talking in a general way about most of the... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Define too large. Information and translations of Lage in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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